Christmas Fire Questions

I was inspired by a wonderfully light and festive POST
to answer some general Q&A’s related to Christmas.vine-divider-finalFavourite thing about Christmas?
Mainly the buzz in shopping centres, and the Christmas sales.

I love it when the atmosphere changes, and
there’s a sense of warmth and excitement in the freezing, cold air;
Late evenings, the lights are switched on, illuminating the dark streets.
Things don’t feel as serious and people seem to be happier
and less grouchier than usual – well, most people, anyway.

Things just feel different – in a good way.


A typical Christmas day at your home?
There’s only the four of us and we usually stay at home as a family;
Nothing crazy or spectacular.
We open our presents before breakfast,
Christmas films would be on the telly all day,
and Christmas songs would be played on the radio.
Friends and family members who are not in the UK would be contacted.
Cooking starts late in the afternoon, and we have Christmas dinner;
Turkey with all the trimmings.
Then, we literally chill and slump for the rest of the evening,
Fat and tired.


How do you decorate your Christmas tree?
We just go for it;
We put everything and anything on our tree.
There is no order, no colour coordination;
The shinier and the more decorations there are – the better.
This year we bought more decorations than usual;
Tinsel, baubles, flashing lights and a glittery star to put on top.


Hot or cold Christmas?
Well, I’ve never experienced a hot Christmas before.
It wouldn’t be Christmas for me if it wasn’t cold
with socks, sweaters and a hot mug of cocoa to snuggle with.


When do you open the presents?
We open our presents first thing in the morning before breakfast.
Everyone must be present for it (no pun intended).


Your favourite Christmas song?
I really do like them all,
from ‘Last Christmas’ to ‘Jingle Bells,’
from ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ to ‘I wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday’.


One place that is not home where you would like to spend Christmas at?
Oh, I have ALWAYS wanted to experience Christmas in NYC – that would honestly be so great and magical, and I hope I’ll get to one day!


One film to watch during the Christmas countdown?
I’ve never been big on Christmas films so much,
but ‘Elf’ has got to be up there amongst the greats.


How is your advent calendar?
I’ve never had an advent calendar before.
I don’t see the point, to be honest, because if I did,
I know I might as well just buy a whole box of chocolates;
I wouldn’t bother waiting and I’d eat them all in one go.


A colour that represents Christmas for you?
Red and green are colours which I would associate Christmas.
They remind me of trees and Santa.



Here’s hoping for a Merry Christmas.


  1. Love the festive post! I’ve always wanted to experience Christmas in New York, but I’d even settle for a big city. Just so much festivities and lights! When you’re in a small town, you don’t get to experience it as much.

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  2. It’s nice to have everyone together, when often we don’t get the time.
    Yes, I don’t have the patience to make sure things are neat and organised, haha! Anyway, it’s way more fun this way, right? =) πŸ’˜

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  3. I like everyone “present” for gift opening first thing before breakfast too! Also love the sound of how you decorate your tree “The shinier and the more decorations there are – the better.” I think I ended up doing that this year out of a lack of patience! πŸ™‚
    Caz x

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