Full Of Wanderlust!

Wanderlust (n):
a strong desire for, or impulse to, wander or travel and explore the world.

“Sometimes you just need an adventure to cleanse the bitter taste of life from your soul.”

It’s a new year and wanderlust has begun taking over.

I’m sure everybody gets that itch and wishes to get away from time to time.
I’ve heard people express how great it would be to travel, but I never knew the true benefits it had until I finally went abroad for the first time last summer. I’ve been thinking about my time in Greece; My first holiday, which I wrote about BEFORE and AFTER. I was looking through some of the photos from while I was there.

God, it feels like a lifetime away; It honestly feels like a dream;
Like I had never even been at all. Yet, I did and I’m glad it’s been a part of my life.

I remember every single one of my worries just disappearing into the clean, fresh air. I can’t explain the feeling. It seemed like all I had to do was travel;
That a ticket abroad was the fastest ticket to happiness and an escape hatch from any mental demons I have tormenting me. 

“Sometimes you just need a break. In a beautiful place. Alone. To figure everything out.”

I want to be back in the sun and see glorious views,
but most importantly, I want to just forget things for a while;
Forget where I am, and forget the things I need to do. Just simply be.

Travelling is the answer to all my problems, right?


What I’ve come to realise is that our worries and stress don’t vanish just like that; Being away just meant I was able to clear my head, until I came back and was faced with the same challenges; Just as a stronger version of myself with happy memories. There is no ticket to happiness. Things do not, and will not, “get easier”; We just become stronger.

I would love to be able to travel the world;

But I want to travel because I CAN;
Because I want to see the glorious world and what it has to offer;
Because I feel blessed to be alive, and be able to see all kinds of wondrous views;

Not so I can run away and escape from all my problems,
because I know the problems will still be waiting for me when I come back.

We have baggage, and we carry them with us wherever we go,
until we make peace with them in our own time.

I know I have less baggage than I did a year ago.
Travelling didn’t solve any of my problems,
but it enabled me to see that there is so much more to life,
and it gave me a break to collect myself and come back stronger.

So when my demons come to pay me a visit,
I will stop, take a breather, and think of all the possibilities.

I will keep in mind that there is a whole world out there,
waiting to be explored,
making my demons at the moment look small and silly.

“I’m homesick for places I haven’t yet been; My eyes crave the beauty of sights I’ve not seen; Places unpronounceable are calling my name; A fire I can’t see warms me with its flame; My feet walk the same path when I leave and come back; Where once there was nothing I’ve worn down a track; And my eyes they get tired of the same boring tune; Where street lights are so bright I can’t see the moon; I’m homesick for places away from my own; Where the people are friendly and my name is not known. You can tell me I’m crazy but I’ll never forget; I’m homesick for places I haven’t been yet.” – e.h


  1. wow. i understand that so so so unfathomably much. i am so grateful to hear these words from someone else, as they have been circling without exact language in my mind for a long while. well my friend, we are not alone. i am here for you, even if you do not know me. we do have this. we will one day find that contentment, that peace, that wholeness that we have lacked for so long. we are capable and we are worthy. so much love to you💙💙.

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  2. YES!! You’re so right. ❤
    Oh God, the amount of times I’ve moved around, trying to find that something, trying to find peace and satisfaction, as if there is some magical wonderland I would come across and finally be happy. It’s only recently I understood the cliché “happiness is not a destination, but a journey”. Now, I’m back at home, (where I have actually been running away from), but circumstances have forced me to come. I know now, that it’s time stop running away and start racing my problems head on. I now know that I was craving to escape and I was hating the world I was in, because I was so unhappy with MYSELF 😊 I’m slowly getting there, and I’m so glad you understand and resonate. Thank you for your comment and for following back. I feel blessed to come across your blog, too. I know I’m not alone, and WE’VE GOT THIS! 😊💪

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  3. “What I’ve come to realise is that our worries and stress don’t vanish just like that; Being away just meant I was able to clear my head, until I came back and was faced with the same challenges; Just as a stronger version of myself with happy memories. There is no ticket to happiness. Things do not, and will not, “get easier”; We just become stronger.”

    i resonate so so so deeply with this. as someone in recovery from anorexia, i am emerging from the darkness i have know for more than three quarters of my life, and i am attempting to find my pieces and find where i feel whole. in my journey towards wholeness, i have moved countless times, to “start over”, “experience the world”, only to relapse once again. now i have moved back home, finally understanding that the world is only meant to be explored once i already find the contentment WITHIN myself. no new city or country can make me whole, ONLY I CAN. and those cities and countries can ONLY FULLY BE APPRECIATED ONCE I FIND WHOLENESS INWARD FIRST. 💙💙

    thank you endlessly for this post. keep on keeping on. you are a gem of a human being. i am honored to (as of right now) follow your blog. 💜💜

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  4. Italy is next on my go-to list 😛 I went for a week in Greece, and it’s definitely not long enough! ❤
    Oh my goodness, I love those words! That's so awesome you have a tattoo in ancient Greek. You're braver than me! 😀


  5. I went 8 years ago with my high school, 5 days in Italy, then 5 in Greece. Not long enough, and yet has had such a lasting impression on me. I have the words ‘go the distance’ in ancient Greek lettering tattooed on my arm (from Hercules) and my next tattoo will be Greek inspired as well.


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  6. Loved this post! Sometimes when a good case of wanderlust his me I try something new where I live to help with the whole cost problem, but definitely agree that you can’t travel your worries away!

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  7. Exactly that! We’re kidding ourselves when we think a break abroad is just what we need.
    Thanks for your comment! I hope you manage to clear the clutter in your life and have that tropical vacation one day – stress-free! 😀 ❤

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  8. I’ve been craving a tropical vacation, too, but it’s always so stressful coming back… Sure, you clear your head, but you don’t clear your life of clutter or stress. It seems that when I come back from a vacation, my clutter and stress was sneakily piling up while I was away! Still doesn’t stop me from wanting to explore the world, but I loved that you mentioned that because people always assume a good trip will just free them of all of life’s qualms… Wrong!

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  9. Nice post!
    Coming from someone who is a homebody and scared to travel at times, it gives me motivation to do so anyway because I know that it really can change a person for the better even if it doesn’t solve problems.

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  10. Thanks for your comment! ❤❤

    Exactly, it’s basically just running away, and not a long-term solution. Oh yes, I hate knowing there’s a problem waiting for me when I get back. Knowing me, I think I’d be constantly thinking about them throughout the holiday! 😅
    Greece is amazing, right?! It’s one of my most incredible experiences too. When did you go? And you should definitely go back sometime 😍💙


  11. I love this. “I want to travel because I can, no so I can run away and escape”. That’s why I never feel like I would be happy to just pick up and go. People say ‘oh you’ll feel so much better if you just get away for a while’ and I’m just like… my issues are still an issue, no matter where I am in the world.

    I don’t think I need to have every single problem solved before I ever take another vacation; that’s impossible. I just don’t think going away will make me feel at ease about them while I’m gone. If anything, the looming idea that they’ll still b there when I get back might ruin the experience for me.

    (I also need to get back to Greece, because that was one of my most amazing experiences ever…)

    Have a great day and thanks for sharing your insight ❤

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