A Letter To Myself


You made it.

No, you really have.

I’m not going to say “you will make it”, or “you will get through this”,
because you already have made it. You already are living the life you should be living. Smile, because you have come so much further than those who bullied you in high school; You have come so much further than those who thought you were weak; You have come so much further than your family ever did and expected of you; Damn, woman, you have come so much further than your own expectations, despite it all.Β 

Congratulations on surviving high school and making it to college.

Congratulations on not stooping down to other people’s level.

Congratulations on remaining to be gentle in a harsh world
and not giving people a taste of their own medicine, even if they do deserve it.

You are so much better than that.
You are so much better than them.
You are so much better than you give yourself credit for.

Congratulations on passing college and getting into your first choice of university.

Congratulations on moving away from home to study; Even if did become too much and you had to move back, it was still so very brave to take that leap. You took a risk, and you continue to take risks – even if you don’t feel like you are.

You have done this all on your own!

Every waking moment, ever breath you take, every step is a choice – your choice.
You are so strong, and so very brave.

Congratulations on acknowledging your mental illnesses and asking for help;
That takes real guts. Not a lot of people are able to do that.

Congratulations on getting your first job;
How amazing that you managed to get one which was completely out of your comfort zone! You kept your cool for a fair bit, despite being thrown into the deep end.
Before you say, “yeah, but I left soon after”, you trusted your instincts and left.
You managed to leave a job that wasn’t right for you. Good on you!

Congratulations for putting yourself forward and volunteering at a dementia centre. It paid off, because they were happy to ask you back again – and again.

Congratulations on being the first driver in your family.

Congratulations on becoming a mental health first aider.
Good on you for taking the initiative and travelling to a whole new city to get that title. It was expensive, and people doubted you, but you knew that it would be worth it in the end.

You constantly got grief from your parents about, well, everything; From how to spend your money, to when are you getting a job. You’ve managed to keep your cool through it all. You’ve managed to do what you could for yourself, and for your mental health.

Congratulations on deciding to attend yoga classes and the gym every week,
even though it fills you with anxiety and you wish it wasn’t this hard, but you’re doing it!

I know you feel like you should be doing more; You feel useless, but come on, you’re only in your twenties, and you have already accomplished so much!Β 

You are doing a hundred times better than those who are not trying;
You are doing a hundred times better than those who gave up at the first hurdle.

You are doing amazingly, and I am so incredibly, mahoosively in awe of you.

Give yourself a break, and don’t be so hard on yourself.

You are bloody amazing.




  1. YOU ARE amazing 😘 I am sending so much love to you! You are so much stronger than you think. Take it easy on yourself, and take it one step at a time. You are always more than enough ❀❀❀

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  2. I really needed to read this as I’m having a hard time now dealing with anxiety. This was so beautiful so thank you ❀ We are strong and we are all in this together πŸ’ͺ You are amazing

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  3. I hope you have a lovely break! I can’t wait to read your upcoming posts πŸ˜‰ Have a good rest of the week, lovely! It looks like summer’s over, judging by the weather 😩 How’s it looking where you are?! ❀

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  4. And I must post it on my blog! I have had a really hard time with it. So I’m taking a creative break so I can write a heck ton then organise it into a schedule πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰.
    Always on it!
    Have nice day. x

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  5. You are amazing and will continue to be so. Everyone who limits you, is doing so out of a weird mixture of fear and love. You do not need anyone to treat you like their little baby girl, someone out of the Gwen Stefani song, but rather surround yourself with those who treasure your power and achievements.

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  6. Congratulations…for this wonderful letter to yourself. And best wishes for consistently finding something, to continue congratulating yourself. Loved the positivity and strength behind your words.

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